v0.2.5 is out now!

Hello players!

v0.2.5 has just been released. For those of you using the itch.io app, the update is <1mb large. A reminder is on the games main menu for those of you not using the itch.io app. Regardless, lets jump into the changes:

- CPU part replacing has been added, you now have to buy the correct CPU that needs replacing for the computer. Currently, each motherboard requires that specific processor again, this will change later though.

- Shopping, you can now visit the part shop on the Laptop, there is also an option to view your current inventory too!

- Controller changes. You now navigate through menus using the controller's Dpad.

- Dynamic resolution changes. These optimise your FPS and graphics fidelity by looking at your current FPS, and deciding in whether to lower the graphics to achieve a more optimal FPS, or increasing the graphics to boost the games visuals in times of low stress.

Other additions:

- Added in a system to prevent you from going into debt.
- Fixed a bug where the game would lock itself to 30FPS.

A removal:

- Custom graphics options have been removed. More news to come about this at a later date.

As always, have fun playing the game. The next version of the game (v0.2.6) is planned to have an overhauled BSOD system, which makes BSODs more likely the more viruses present, up to the point where you could end up re-installing the operating system for the user.


Computer Shop Simulator 463 MB
Version 0.2.5 Nov 19, 2017

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