v0.2.10 is out now!

Hello players!

This update is a smaller one, which irons out problems which I couldn't fix in time for v0.2.9 (as I wanted it out ASAP), it fixes a few important bugs, along with user experience enhancements. Full change log below:

- Added fluent motions when using the laptop.
- Added bootup splash screen art.
- Added an invert option for controllers.
- Fixed a bug where the computer wouldn't restart on its own after a OS re install.
- Fixed a critical bug in Winbloors 10 where pressing "E" to close computers actually restarted them with the same problem they booted with.
- Fixed a bug where you would have to press "E" twice to start a computer.
- Fixed a bug where you could stack multiple customer requests, and therefore accept too many, oveflowing the max amount of computers.

We have a single bug this time:

KNOWN BUG: Sometimes, the game will believe you need to update when you do not. This is a problem with the updated version of the VaRest plugin and I'm looking into a solution.


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Version 0.2.10 Jan 29, 2018

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