v0.2.6 is out now!

Hello players!

Today I am releasing v0.2.6, which is a big user experience update. I have gotten a playtester and done some intense testing on the game - and have ironed out many bugs / common sense problems in the game. Menus now close when pressing "Escape" instead of sitting open, you can no longer open multiple menus.

Full changelog:

- Disabled the Dynamic Resolution changer due to bugs related to Unreal Engine.
- Added in a recovery menu, which can be reached by pressing DELETE on boot up of a computer.
- Changed the way that BSODs occur accordingly with amount of viruses
- Changed the loading screen to look better, be more functional and quicker in general.
- Fixed a bug where you always had to replace the CPU, regardless of the problem with the computer.
- Fixed a bug related to opening multiple menu's on top of each other
- Fixed a bug where opening the pause menu in certain conditions could cause weird activity
- Fixed a bug where money wouldn't update when spent
- Fixed many, many bugs related to input, UI fluidity, and user experience.


Computer Shop Simulator 463 MB
Version 0.2.6 Nov 26, 2017

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