v0.2.7 is out now!

Hello players,

I do apologise for the late devlog and general update this time around. I'll get straight into what has changed.

The v0.2.7 update is dubbed the "User Experience+ Update", which is a follow on from v0.2.6 (the "User Experience update"). Regardless, the main thing changed is the addition of Christmas itself, with a Christmas tree in the corner of your Hardware Shop to signify this.

Additionally, multiple smaller changes were made, such as controller support for the Recovery menus of Winbloors, and a prompt to warn users they must switch to a mouse in order to go into the pause menu.

The full changelog is as follows:

- Fixed a bug where pressing 'Escape'/START didn't close the pause menu when it had been used to open it.
- Fixed a glitch where going into recovery mode could fix a part related problem.
- Fixed the glitchy light inside the hardware shop.
- Fixed a black box around the electrical sockets on the desks.
- Added controller support to the Recovery menu of Winbloors.
- Added in a Christmas tree.
- Added a prompt in to warn the user they need a mouse to go into the pause menu.
- Updated the 'Controls' settings to reflect new buttons + controller buttons.

You can follow the progress of the new updates on our Trello: https://trello.com/b/gDJojZdJ/computer-shop-simulator

v0.2.8 will be the next release. It will be the "Operating Systems Update", including TWO new operating systems!

Play on!


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Version 0.2.7 Dec 11, 2017

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