v0.2.8 is out now!

Hello players!

Today I bring you the new release of v0.2.8 (dubbed the 'Operating Systems' update). This update brings many new features, the headlining of which is the addition of Winbloors 8 & 10!

The full changelog is as follows:

- Fixed a bug where the shop sign wasn't actually on the wall.
- Fixed a bug where controller prompt would sometimes show, even if no controller was ever in use.
- Fixed a bug where the money + alpha overlay could dissapear in some circumstances.
- Fixed a bug where replacing a CPU with a controller was impossible.
- Added Winbloors 8
- Added Winbloors 10
- Changed the logic on pressing escape to quit menus, it will now consistently bring up the pause menu too.

We have narrowed down an issue which we hope to have fixed as soon as possible too:

KNOWN BUG: You may have to press 'E' (or 'A') twice to get back into a computer.

v0.2.9 will not be a feature update unfortunately, it will be known as the 'Backend' update.

You can follow progress on our Trello: https://trello.com/b/gDJojZdJ/computer-shop-simulator

Game on!


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Version 0.2.8 Dec 13, 2017

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