v0.2.10.1 released now!

Hello engineers!

Sorry for the very long wait since the last update. In this update:

1) Careers! You can now build up your very own hardware shop.
From the "Careers Menu" in-game, you may now name your character, your shop, and your company name.
(This will also save your progress)

2) The operating systems have all had minor changes!
Winbloor 7,  8 and 10 all have new and improved boot screens which differentiate them from each other. They have also all had minor changes made to their BSODs.

Full changelog is as follows:

- Added in Careers mode (Go into game, then press "Escape"/Start and click "Careers Menu"
- Changed the Winbloor 7 boot screen.
- Changed the Winbloor 7 bsod.
- Changed the Winbloor 8 boot screen.
- Changed the Winbloor 8 bsod.
- Changed the Winbloor 10 boot screen.
- Changed the Winbloor 10 bsod.
- Anonymous usage data is no longer sent to Epic Games.
- Fixed a critical bug where computers could spawn on top of each other.


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Version Apr 15, 2018

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