v0.2.9 is out now!

Hello players!

Apologies for the long delay since the last update. I've been hard at work on other backend features, this update is to bridge the gap to the larger update set to come up shortly.

I have redesigned all the menus to be more fluent into each other, along with re enabling the resolution changer, to help powerful computers reach better graphics fidelity, and lower end computers reach maximum performance.

The full changelog is as follows:

- Removed the Christmas tree & "Merry Christmas" tip, along with anything xmas related.
- Updated to a later version of the "VaRest" plugin used for contacting update servers.
- Redesigned all of the menus to be more fluent into each other.
- Changed some loading screen tips.
- Re added the Dynamic Resolution changer.
- Fixed a weird graphical bug with the laptop.
- Fixed a bug where money on the overlay was incorrect, misleading the player.
- Fixed a bug where the overlay widget could disappear.
- Fixed a bug with the pause menu not opening after being closed with "Resume"
- Fixed a bug where pressing Escape could function differently under specific circumstances.
- Fixed a bug where the graphics menu always thought the settings were on "Low" (VISUAL ONLY)
- Fixed a critical bug where pressing "E" to close computers actually restarted them with the same problem they booted with.

We have narrowed down another two bugs for quashing:

KNOWN BUG: You may have to press 'E' (or 'A' for controllers) twice to get back into a computer.
KNOWN BUG: After re-installing an operating system, you will have to press 'E' (or 'A' for controllers) to get back into the computer.

You can follow our progress on Trello: https://trello.com/b/gDJojZdJ/computer-shop-simulator

v0.2.10 (The 'Backend+' update) is yet another engine update. The one after (v0.3.0 likely) will be content heavy.

Game on!


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Version 0.2.9 Jan 26, 2018

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