Still developing!

Although there hasn't been any updates in quite a while - I would like to say that I'm still working on it!

I've been hard at work implementing controller support. You'll soon be able to kick back and play the entire game from your controller - including managing the computers, accepting new ones, and fixing them generally.

Not only this - but the next edition has various bug fixes that have been spotted and fixed. I'm also hard at work at adding pop-ups for button prompts and working on a brand new tutorial.

This update should be out at some point this year. I'm sorry for such a vague release date for a new version - but I promise it'll be worth it. I'm running some tests to get it working on macOS systems and Linux based systems.

Not only all of this - but optimisation is a big thing for the new update. Eventually, you'll be able to download a version to enjoy if you own an Android phone, Chromebook or other sorts. iOS is currently not planned - sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks for reading - and I'll see you in the new update!

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