Controller support


I've been hard at work implementing controller support over the past day, and I've managed to get it to a version I would call stable. Button prompts have also been added amongst other various bug fixes for the next release.

The next release still has a while to go however - I'll be testing out the addition of a tutorial along with support for macOS operating systems and Linux systems. I'm also interested in pushing the game to a mobile version - however this more than likely won't happen for quite some time.

In my previous devlog I didn't mention the outside environment. Well - today I can tell you that this too is going to be in the next big release of Computer Shop Simulator.

The update for Windows computers should be out at the latest by early November. Linux editions will closely follow this at around mid-November. macOS versions will unfortunately follow this at quite a later date. I have no ETA for macOS editions.

iOS and Android versions will be released in very late 2017 if not - going into 2018.

Thanks for reading - and play on!

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