Building your own PC!

Hello engineers,

I've been hard at work implementing the main bit of the game - the ability to build your own PC, swap out parts, name your PC, build for contracts and a more detailed fix process for computers. This will unfortunately take quite some time - however I have got the backend fixed for this new update to work.

Other big changes in this update will be mostly environmental and not noticeable to the player - however, the addition of other languages should be a huge game changer to allowing people from all around the globe to play the game. Currently planned languages are:

  • French / Français
  • German / Deutsch
  • Spanish / Español

If you have any other languages you would like to see - comment them below!

Other big announcement: We should have DirectX12 / Vulkan support by the end of the year. This will allow Windows users (specifically AMD) to benefit hugely from DX12, and should allow them to get higher frame rates on lower end hardware etc.
The addition of Vulkan will allows us to port the game to Linux too! Unfortunately however - a Mac release of the game has been delayed for the foreseeable future, this is due to the strict hardware requirements needed to build the game for a Mac.

Thanks for reading, and game on!

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