Hello engineers,

Today - I've made even more progress towards the big 'v0.2.0' update! Whilst no more work has been made towards more in detail swapping of parts, taking out orders of computers for people and such, I have spent a long time bug fixing, play testing and localising the game for French, German and Spanish. So far - French and German are very nearly complete, with Spanish still to be done.

Unfortunately - due to an Unreal Engine bug, I won't be able to update this version for some time until the issue is fixed. I'm already in contact with them, and it shouldn't be too long until it is resolved.

In other news though, multiple bugs that you may have been experiencing in the (unfortunately somewhat buggy) v0.1.0 have been corrected, so far, this includes but is not limited to:

  • Cars driving the wrong way down the street
  • Problems with the Anti-Virus scanner
  • Mapping problems

These will all be fixed in the v0.2.0 along with basic online functionality. I will be adding a news page to the main menu so that you find out when the new updates come out - as the only other way is to keep checking the page or using the Itch.IO app - both of which I strongly recommend you do until I add this news page.

v0.2.0 will be one of the largest feature patches to come to the game. Stay tuned - like I've said in previous Dev Logs - the v0.2.0 update will be coming out by the end of this year in French, German, Spanish and English for Windows and Linux!

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