Alpha Demo v0.2.0 and Alpha v0.2.1 out!

Thank you for waiting patiently engineers!

The Alpha Demo v0.2.0 has the following:

- Removed files that the game doesnt need (reduced file size)
- Fixed a bug where cars would drive down the road the wrong way
- Fixed navigation for cars that could potentially let them drive off the road
- Fixed a message telling you the system status when booting up the computer
- Fixed a bug where a Oculus headset would try and work with the game - and could crash the game
- Fixed a bug where scanning after fixing a part would result in a broken virus removed message
- Edited the foliage to no longer grow through the road, and through the walls
- Edited the sign on the shop to be properly centred
- Edited the UI to be more user friendly
- Edited the overlay to say 'Alpha Demo' instead of 'Pre-Alpha Demo'
- Edited the minimum requirements of the game (they are now even lower!)
- Added background picture to laptop when not in use
- Added French/Francais Language
- Added German/Deutsche Language
- Added flowers on the other side of road
- Added window titles
- Updated to Unreal Engine 4.17

The payed Alpha v0.2.1 has the following:

- Thank you for purchasing the game!

Thank you for playing (and consider paying if you haven't already!)


Computer Shop Simulator 463 MB
Version 6 days ago
Computer Shop Simulator Demo 463 MB
Version 2 Oct 30, 2017

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